Adding vegetables to omelettes makes it more tasty and healthy. This omelette can either be made in the following way or conventional way by mixing the beetroot mixture with egg and then cooking in a frying pan.

Serves = 4


1 Beetroot grated

1 big onion chopped

1 capsicum chopped

1/2 tsp chilli powder

1/2 tsp pepper powder

4 Eggs


8 loaves of bread

2 tbsp oil


Heat oil in a pan and add onions. Saute for some time. Then add capsicum and beetroot and cook for some time. Then add pepper powder and 1/4 tsp salt. Mix well. Cook till all the ingredients are cooked and set aside.

Then toast the bread loaves on the pan and set aside.

Now add 1 tsp oil in the pan and add 1/4 of the beetroot mixture to it. Spread evenly. Then beat 1 egg with a pinch of salt and red chilli powder and add to the tava. Mix it slightly with the beetroot mixture. When the upper side is still raw place 2 bread slices side by side on top of it. When the lower side has cooked, turn over. Cook for some time in a low flame till the other side is also cooked. Repeat the same procedure to make 3 more beetroot bread omelettes. Serve hot.

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