A mobile phone pouch can be made using thick cloth, or even thick plastic sheet. I have made the pouches using leather but you can use any material of your choice. Make sure that the material is stiff so that it will retain its shape.


Material (in which the pouch is going to be made – leather, cloth or plastic)

Velcro of 1’’ area (which is used to close the flap over the pouch)

Matching thread

Sewing machine



First measure the size of the mobile phone. Add 1”along the length and 1 1/2” to 2” along the breadth (depending upon the thickness of the phone). So that when the phone is inserted, it goes into the pouch easily and completely. The length and breadth thus taken form a to b measurement and e to f measurement respectively.

To make the pouch cut the material using the following measurements

1. Main piece

      Length of the material = 2 times a to b measurement (for the front and back)

                                            + 3/4 a to b measurement (for the flap)

      Breadth=e to f measurement

2. Second piece

     Length=a to b measurement

     Breadth=e to f measurement

3. Third piece

     Length=3/4 a to b measurement + 1/3 a to b measurement

     Breadth=e to f measurement

After cutting the three pieces, take the main piece mark ½” or 1” from the top on either side and cut a v shape as shown. Do the same thing on the second piece also. The length of the flap and its design can also be taken according to your choice.

Stitching method

First take the lower end of the main piece from fig (1) and stitch the lower part of the velcro about 1" from the end as shown. Then place the second piece from fig (2) over the main piece such that the right sides of the two are facing each other, and stitch on the reverse leaving ¼” allowance.

Then fold the main piece at ‘db’ such that the right side of the material is facing each other. There will now be three layers, the lower layer of the main piece along with the flap, on top of it is the continuation layer of the main piece and on top of this is the second piece which has been stitched to the main piece. With this assembly in place, stitch at the two sides leaving ¼” allowance and giving back stitches at all the four ends.

The actual part of the pouch is now ready. Now take the third piece as shown in fig (3) and stitch the upper part of the Velcro on its right side at the centre making sure that on closing the flap, the upper part of the Velcro should overlap the lower part. Then place the piece over the assembly with the right sides of the flap of the main piece and the flap of the third piece facing each other. Stitch on all the sides leaving 1/4" allownace as shown, and give back stitches at the two ends.

Turn the pouch to the right side. The pouch is now ready.

The pouch can be made in different designs.

Sequins can also be glued to increase the appeal of the pouch. You can also design using fevicryl glitter colours, fabric paints, etc


  1. Hi amina.
    You are the best at anything. God bless you.

    1. Hello Amina,

      Thanks for all the ideas and instructions you post. They are easy to follow, and the creations are wonderful !
      Suggestions for the mobile pouch - add a long strip in the inside, attached at level g, that goes all the way down, doubles up and comes out again at level g. This can be used for easily extracting the cell phone. Ornamental (beaded ?) sling straps or wrist straps would be
      another idea.


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