Embroidery is done using a number of embellishments. Purni is one such embellishment which is used with chamkis, motis and ladi to increase the appeal of the dress. Purnis are actually made of ladi (strong golden colored thread) which are coiled together in the shape of a small pipe. They provide a 3D effect. Given below are some pics of embroidery designs using purnis.

This is a neck design using purnis as an outline as well as incorpating it with moti (small bead) to form floral patterns. 

This embroidery is done at the lower part of the dress. Here chamkis and silver coloured moti are used along with purni.

This is a work done with ladi and purni.

This work is done using ladi and purni at the edge of a dupatta.

This is yet another neck design using all the three embellishments.

A floral pattern

Other designs


  1. Stunning designs! Did you do all these?? It would be helpful if you give step by step photos! :)

  2. Superb!!!! I am amazed at the finishing you in your hands. First time on your blog. Thanks for stopping by at my blog.... can u share some more of these embroideries


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