Trifle is a rich and delicious dessert which can be assembled in just about half an hour. This is an ideal dessert that you can serve on a special occasion, parties or after lunch when you have guests visiting your home. You can prepare different types of trifle depending on what fruits you use. Each fruit will add a different flavor and taste to the trifle. Here I have used apple, but you can make mango trifle, banana trifle, pear trifle or add in a variety of fruits to make fruit trifle.


Plain vanilla cake squares
1 apple cut into small pieces

For the custard
4 tbsp Custard powder
1 litre boiled milk
12 tbsp sugar

For the sugar syrup
6 tbsp Sugar
3 tbsp water


  • First prepare the custard. For this heat milk in a pan, when it has reached luke warm state, take 1 cup of it and add custard powder.
  • Mix well such that there are no lumps.
  • Bring the milk to a boil, then reduce heat and cook for about 10 minutes so that the milk thickens.
  • Increase the heat, add sugar and mix well.
  • When the sugar has dissolved, add the milk with custard powder and stir well.
  • Cook for a couple of minutes till the custard thickens.
  • Switch off the gas and keep ready.
  • For the sugar syrup, heat sugar in a pan, add few drops of water and heat till the sugar melts and you get a golden brown colour. Add some more water to form a syrup. Make sure not to burn the sugar as it will give a bitter taste.
  • Allow both the custard and syrup to cool down completely before assembling them for the trifle.
  • Now for the assembly, take a bowl and line it with a layer of cake pieces.
  • Pour 2 tbsp of caramelized sugar syrup on top.
  • Layer this with apple pieces and pour custard on top such that it covers the apples completely.
  • Repeat the process once or twice and finally garnish with chopped apples and chopped cherries.
  • Place this inside the refrigerator and refrigerate for atleast 4 hours.
  • Decorate with gems and serve.


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