Family plays a very important role in shaping our lives and destinies. What we are today largely depends on our upbringing, fate and the values imparted by our parents and elders. And it is learning from their experiences that we become self reliant, strong and confident.

God has been really kind to me. He has bestowed me with parents who have filled my life with lots of love, peace and happiness. Both my Ammi and Abbu have taken efforts to inculcate good values and give a good upbringing to me and my brother so that we grow up to being good human beings.

The credit to what I am today goes to a large extent to my father who has taken pains to give a good education to me. Right from my LKG to my college, he would drop me off and go to office and then come again to pick me up travelling several kilometers just for my sake. Not for a single day did he show any irritation or discomfort. In spite of his work commitments, he gave first preference to his family and was always there by our side. 

He is the one who instilled courage in me to pursue higher education and excel in my studies. I have done post graduation and this has happened only because of my father. He knew the importance of higher education and had always wished to give good education to me so that I would become self reliant and confident to face the world. He gave wings to my dreams and let me fly out with flying colours. His joy knew no bounds on my graduation day when I got my post graduate degree and stood first in my department at Women's Christian College.

The driving force behind this blog too is my Abbu who has always encouraged me to improve my blog and post frequently. It was only after looking at his blog that I got the idea and after repeated discussions and suggestions from him that I started this blog. Every post that is published here has been passed through his eyes and edited by him. Even when he is busy he always finds time to have a look at my posts before they are published. The amount of time, energy and love he has given to me and my family is simply incomparable. I have always felt lucky on being his daughter and thank Allah for his benevolence.

When people praise me I can see a glimpse of happiness in his face and it is this happiness that I cherish. I would always be grateful to him and my ammi for all they have done and are doing.It is their training that has made me to be a better daughter-in-law, wife and mother.

Thanks Indiblogger and HDFC for the "Apno ko Apne dum pe jeena sikhao" campaign and giving me an initiative to write and thank my Abbu.

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