The holy month of Ramadan has begun and a variety of dishes are prepared for iftar. Since making several dishes takes a lot of time, people are usually in search of recipes that are healthy, tasty and quick to make. I have already shared an elaborate post on Iftar special recipes and this post is a continuation of it with more new and delicious recipes that are also less time consuming. 

Savoury french toast

Bread is a versatile food and you can make different types of delicacies with it. From french toast to sandwiches to upmas and even sweets, bread in any form tastes delicious. I have shared several recipes of bread in my blog and in this post I am going to share a savoury version of french toast the way we make at home. 

Sweet corn is known the world over for its health benefits. It is a rich source of fibre and is loaded with Vitamins and anti-oxidants. It is also gluten free and is a great alternative for people who are gluten-intolerant. Here is a healthy and delicious recipe of chaat made with sweet corn.

Spinach and tomato pasta

Pasta is one of my favourite dishes and I often experiment with it mixing different ingredients. Spinach and tomato pasta is one such dish. I combined whole wheat pasta with spinach, tomatoes and cheese and the result was simply awesome. The dish was filling, nutritious and you can feel the taste in your mouth even after you have finished eating.

Aloo ki bajji/ potato fritters

Aloo ki bajji is a quick and simple snack that can be prepared in just about 15 minutes with very few ingredients. Just cut the potatoes into thin slices, dip in batter and deep fry in oil and your iftar snack is ready to be served.

Vegetable rava upma

Rava upma is a quick and easy to make dish. But most often children do not touch it as it looks bland. To make the dish more interesting, we can veggies into it. This not only adds colour to the dish but also makes it more healthy and flavourful.

Ragi semiya/ Finger millet vermicelli

Ragi or finger millet is a healthy cereal packed with calcium, proteins and other vital nutrients. It helps in weight loss, digestion, controlling diabetes and reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. Hence most people are advised to include Ragi in their diet. I have already shared a healthy recipe of Ragi ki roti/ Finger millet flat bread and in this post I am sharing a healthy and delicious breakfast recipe of Ragi vermicelli.

Tomato and capsicum fritters

These fritters are made with tomatoes and capsicums and taste great with pudina chutney or tomato ketchup.

White chicken biryani

White biryani is a new and different type of biryani sans tomatoes and chillies. It is the presence of white pepper that adds a wonderful taste, flavour and aroma to the biryani.

This is a delicious snack/ starter recipe of Chicken parcels that my mother made for iftar. It does not take much time to cook and tastes awesome.

Chicken and spinach rice

Chicken and spinach makes for a wonderful combination and this rice recipe combines the flavors and taste of both. Here I have used fried chicken for extra taste, but you can skip the frying part and use chicken as it is.

Fried chicken drumsticks

Fried chicken drumsticks is a delicious and popular starter. This delicacy can be easily prepared at home using the following recipe. Here we have pressure cooked the chicken before frying. This not only reduces frying time but also makes sure that your chicken is well cooked and perfect.

Chifferi rigati with chicken and tomatoes

Chifferi Rigati with Chicken and tomatoes which is my family’s favourite pasta dish. This is so simple to make and with ingredients that are easily available in our kitchen. A fuss free recipe that can be cooked with just a few ingredients and tastes awesome!

This recipe is straight from my mother's cookbook. She had come across the name of the dish somewhere and knew that it had something to do with nutmeg but had no idea about the recipe. So she decided to make a dish using nutmeg and mutton with her own recipe. The dish came out fantastic and everyone at home simply loved it. Sharing her recipe here so that my readers too can try this out and relish.

Kadai paneer

Kadai paneer is a spicy and delicious paneer gravy made with tomatoes and capsicums. This is my family’s favourite paneer dish and we often serve it with chapathi or roti. You can also check out my other paneer recipes like Capsicum paneer gravymutter paneerpalak paneerpaneer pedamalai koftapaneer burji and rasgulla by clicking on their links.

Laal maas

This is a delicious and spicy mutton gravy made using ground onions and tomatoes. Laal maas is best served with Chicken Biryani or as a side dish with roti or rice.

Mango ice cream shake

Mangoes are in season now and there are plenty of recipes that we can try with mangoes. I often make mango milkshakes or have it as a fruit salad but for Iftar I wanted to try out something different. So I made a shake with mangoes and ice cream. The result was mind blowing and the drink was creamy and delicious.

Mango falooda and jelly surprise

This recipe combines the vivid tastes of faluda (china grass pudding), jelly and mangoes in a single glass and not only looks good but also tastes delicious. This recipe makes 2 glasses and you can also make this for iftar, parties and special occasions and delight your guests. 

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