French fries are one of the most popular snacks in fast food joints. These delicious and crispy fries can also be prepared at home in just a short span of time. You can make restaurant style French fries at home using this simple recipe.


2 long and large potatoes
Oil for frying


  • Take 2 long potatoes, remove the skin and cut into long finger size pieces. (Here I have used large and long potatoes as only then we will be able to get finger size pieces).
  • Take the cut potatoes in a bowl, add water and allow the potatoes to soak for half an hour.
  • Then take out the potatoes and line them over a clean kitchen towel.
  • Take another kitchen towel and gently dab over the pieces so that there is no moisture left.
  • Now heat oil in a kadai/ non stick pan and when oil is ready, deep fry the French fries in low to medium flame till they turn slightly golden in colour.
  • Take out the French fries and place over absorbent paper.
  • After they cool down, once again heat oil and deep fry the French fries again.
  • After they turn nice golden, take them out and place over an absorbent paper.
  • (Frying the French fries twice makes the French fries get a crispy crust)
  • After all the French fries are ready, take them in a large bowl, sprinkle some salt (according to your taste), and nicely toss the French fries.
  • Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

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