Hi friends, welcome back to my blog. Today, I am announcing the winners of the Blogging contest I hosted while Celebrating 10 years of blogging.

My heart felt thanks to all those who participated in the contest.

I have selected 3 winners who will receive a special gift from me in a few days. Please send your address to so that I can send your prizes. So, here are the names of the winners in no particular order.

Poonam Kothari
Jameema Hudebiya
Alka Munjal

I am sharing the entries of the winners below

Poonam Kothari's Masala Jowar Rotis are a true blend of health and taste

2 cups Jowar aata
Veggies of your choice
Here I have used
1 cup onion finely chopped
1 cup fresh Methi /fenugreek leaves
1/2 cup grated carrot
2 tablespoons Ginger&green chili paste
2 tbsp finely chopped fresh garlic/1 tsp dried garlic
Salt to taste
1 tsp cummin seeds roasted
1 tsp dry corriander powder
1 cup hot boiling water
Ghee to apply on rotis
Note—Garlic,green chili and ginger paste according to your taste
Fresh corriander finely chopped
Sesame seeds (optional)I have not added here but its advisable to add .

1)Keep water for boiling,as soon as it boils switch off flame
2)Mix all everything except flour and water.
3)now add flour to veggies and give a good stir
4)now add half of water and mix with spatula
5)if needed add more water and mix.
6)let it cool for 2-3 minutes
7)now bind the dough with your hands
8)dough should not be hard,it should be soft like chappati dough
9)now take a piece small malmal cloth or clean kitchen towel and wet it
10)take small portion of the dough and place on wet cloth .
11)pat with your fingers and spread it evenly in round shape like roti
12)keep tawa on flame and as the tawa becomes hot slower the flame and place the roti on tawa...
Roti side on tawa and cloth should be above roti
13)Roast on slow to medium heat from both the sides,apply ghee on cooked roti and serve with chutneys,podis,Aachar or curd

Jameema's Foam Flowers are beautiful and fantastic!

Alka Munjal's Achari Paneer delicious, soft and tasty!

Servings __4
Time : 1hour .
Recipe ---
Ingredients :
350gram paneer .
1/2cup hung curd .
1red bell pepper.cut into shallots
1 yellow Bell papper.cut into shallots
1green bell pepper.cut into shallots
1onion cut into shallots.
3to4spoon mustard oil.
1spoon fennel seeds.
1spoon fenugreek seeds.
1spoon coriander seeds.
1/2spoon onion seeds .
1/4spoon turmeric powder.
1/4spoon red chilly powder.
2spoon Besan /Gram flour .
Salt as per taste.
Ginger garlic paste as per your choice .
Oil for brushing tea.
Method :
1. Ik plate me paneer ko cut Kare cubes me medium size ke pieces me . Pieces per salt or thodi red chilli spread Kar de . Isse aapka paneer grill hone per hard nahi hoga soft rahega or salt ka taste paneer ke Ander bhi rahega .
2. Ab ik pan me fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds,onion seeds,fennel seeds ko 2mintues ke liye roast Kare or phir grind karke fine powder bna ligiye.
3. Ab ik pan me oil garm Kare . Grinded masala add Kare or bhune phir haldi , salt red chilly or Besan add Kare or 2 minutes ke liye bhune . Or side me rakhe thanda hone ke liye .
4. Ab ik bowl le usme hung curd or bhuna masala daale or acche se mix Kare .
Maine gg paste nahi use Kiya h aap chahe to hung curd me daal Kar mix Kare .
5. Ab paneer or sabhi bell peppers ,onion. Daal Kar hath se mila le Taki sabhi acche se marinate ho Jaye  .
6. Ab 1/2 hour ke liye refrigerator me rakhe .
7 refrigerator se nikal Kar skewers me lgaye .
8. Ik grill pan heat Kare oil se brush Kare or apne Tikka ko Charo side se grill Kare .
9 grm garm serve Kare 😊 green chutney ke sath thoda Chaat masala spread Kare .

All your entries were awesome... Will be back with another contest very soon... Stay tuned!

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