Hi friends, Today I am going to show a quick way of making Book Holder/ Book Organizer at home. You can use this Book holder at home to organize your books neatly. Making this Desk Organizer requires just a few things.

Things needed

Kelloggs Cereal box or any other Cereal box
Wrapping paper
A4 sheet
Glue/ Fevicol
Paper knife
Marker/ Sketch pen


  • Take a Cereal Box. Mark as shown and cut out the main holder piece as shown.

  • After cutting out the main holder piece, take the remaining piece, cut off 1/2 cm piece in front so that it fits inside the main holder part. Apply glue and stick the piece inside the main holder piece to give it some strength.
  • Cover the holder with wrapping paper. And the inside with wrapping paper or A4 paper. 
  • That's it! Book Holder/ Organizer is ready. You can decorate it with ribbons, sequins, or any other accessory of your choice.

You can also make this Book Holder and give it as a gift to your friends. If you have plenty of Cereal Boxes, you can use them to make beautiful book holders of different sizes and arrange them neatly on your desk.

Do check out the video below of how to make this really easy and beautiful Book Holder/ Desk Organizer. I hope you would like the video. Please Subscribe to my channel and don't forget to press the bell icon.

Thanks for watching!

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