Hi friends, welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to share the review of the book "Tilottama at a glance".

Tilottama at a glance is an endearing book about Kolkata by author Sreeparna Sen. It is a compilation from a series of blog posts written by the author for the A to Z challenge. The book brings out some amazing and astonishing facts about Kolkata and keeps us engrossed.

As I started reading the book on a busy Monday afternoon when my younger daughter was fast asleep and the elder one engrossed in watching cartoons, I was literally hooked to the book. The chapters which begin in an alphabetical order transferred me to the Kolkata I had never seen. Though I had a brief idea about Kolkata from a few Hindi movies that I had watched, this book  brought Kolkata more closer to me. As I read through the pages, I can imagine myself being in Kolkata and witnessing the city of joy from close quarters. 

The book brings out the essence of Kolkata along with information on its architecture, culture, history, etc. The book is written in a conversational style, that made reading through the book feel like a breeze as though someone was talking to me. Through the various chapters, the author effortlessly transfers us to the City of Joy and also shares titbits from her childhood memories and her life there.

The book is well researched and there is so much that we can learn about the city from this book. Hats off to the author for writing this highly informative book in an engaging way that captivates the reader till the very end. I got to learn so much about this amazing city from this book.

I finished reading the book in a day as I struggled to find time when my little one was asleep. In total, Tilottama at a glance is an engrossing read. I would surely recommend this book and would like to read more books penned by the author in the future.

About the author

Sreeparna Sen is an engineer by education and banker by profession. She finds solace in writing and has authored the book Tales of Wizardencil and her writing has been published in various blogs and websites. She also writes on her blog

My verdict 

Tilottama at a glance surely deserves 5 star for its rich informative content, beautiful writing style and that extra something that makes us keep moving the pages without putting the book down. This book surely added Kolkata to my list of "Must visit places in India". I can't wait to go there and have a first hand experience of Kolkata and enjoy its uniqueness and beauty.

You can buy the book here.

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