Harem pants/ trousers are a very popular in India and abroad. They are roomy loose pants which are often worn with t-shirts or short kurtis/tops. These fashionable pants are usually stitched with thin and non transparent fabrics and come in a wide variety of patterns, shapes and sizes. A few patterns are given below. The tutorial for stitching a harem pant at home can be found here.

1. Basic Harem pant which resembles a Patiala salwar and has fabric pleated and stitched at the ankle with a band. This type is often worn with a short kurti.

2. Here there is no waist band and the pleats start from a few inches below the waist. A wide elastic at the waist and a thin one at the ankle is used. This looks more elegant and is often worn with shirts and t shirts.

3. Harem pants which end at knee length or just below the knee are also very popular. The pattern below has a wide elastic both at the waist and at the place where it ends.

4. Harem pants which look like skirt up till the knees or lower and then have fitted or slightly loose fitting legs are also popular these days. 

These are just a few types. There are plenty more patterns of Harem pants with different cuts and styles... Will update this page with more patterns soon... :)

You can also have a look at other tutorials....


  1. good, but how to cut and stitch Sharara?

  2. Amina, you are very innovative and easy to follow. Thank you for your inspiration.

  3. Very very helpful blog. Very neatly explained. thank u amina.
    I would also like to know how to stitch palazzo pants.

  4. ivlo detail la potu irukkiingka ameena, youtube star panni post panungkal
    enakkum theriyum neeramilathathaal poda mudiyala


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