We often wish to stitch customized pillow covers using various fabrics and patterns but often drop the idea thinking that it is difficult and time consuming. In reality it is not. You can stitch your own pillow cover from scratch in just about 30 minutes.

First select the fabric with which you are going to stitch your pillow cover. You can select a colour and design that goes with your home decor or if you have kids you can select colours according to their choice.

Now using the inch tape measure the dimensions of your pillow. Note down the length and breadth.

Then cut 2 pieces of fabric using the following measurements

Piece 1

Length = length of the pillow + 4”
Breadth = breadth of the pillow + 3”

Piece 2

Length = length of the pillow + 1 ½”
Breadth = breadth of the pillow + 3”

Once the two pieces are cut and ready, take the first piece, double fold with 1” of cloth and stitch on one end. Next take another piece, fold ½” and then 1” and stitch on one end.

Now place the two pieces on top of each other such that you see the reverse and the right side of both the pieces are touching each other. Fold the extra length of piece 1 as shown over piece 2 such that its length after the fold is 1" more than piece 2. Stitch along the remaining 3 sides leaving ½” allowance.

 Turn to the right side and finally stitch along all the four side leaving 1” allowance.

Insert your pillow and check if it fits properly.

Your envelope style pillow cover is ready.

  • You can use satin, silk or cotton fabrics for the pillow cover.
  • You can also make a small quilt using fabrics of different colours and use this as well to make your pillow cover trendy and unique.
  • You can add lace to make it more personalized and add a new look to the cover.
  • Adding small danglings along the four edges of the cover is also another option. 
Will be sharing a tutorial on how to stitch a zippered cushion cover in my forthcoming posts. So stay tuned.

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