A front opening kameez is usually worn with parallel pants or churidhars. The neck can either be a normal neck or a collar can be stitched. Generally for this type of kameez stiff materials like cotton are used. Soft and thin materials like satin and chiffon if used need a lining. A normal sized kameez requires about 2 ½ metres of cloth.

Given below is the method of stitching a kameez with full front opening pattern.

First take the measurements for the kameez and prepare the draft. Refer how to stitch a top for the construction of kameez with normal neck. If you wish to stitch a collar then refer how to stitch a collar for the construction of the kameez. (The draft is usually prepared up to waist length, other measurements are marked directly on the cloth.)

After preparing the draft, take the cloth and fold as shown

Now place the draft over two pieces of cloth as shown below.  Extend a and b to 2 ½” and mark on the cloth using a chalk. The extra cloth is for the front opening. Mark the other measurements of the construction as well till 11 to 13 measurement (not shown in the picture). Now cut the draft leaving 1” allowance at the sides and bottom and ½” allowance at the neck and arms. Follow the ½” allowance at the extra cloth for the opening as well. Once the cloth for the front part is cut, use the draft for the back to cut the cloth for the back portion of the kameez. Here the draft is placed on the fold of the cloth.

Now take one front piece and double fold 2”of cloth along the front opening and stitch. Do a straight stitch at the end as well. Thus the width of the stitched region will now be 1”. Repeat the process with the other piece as well. (Thus there is an extra ½” of cloth on each piece so that one piece will overlap the other. If you want it broader, instead of 2 ½ “, take 3” extra along a to c).

After stitching the opening parts, join the back piece with the two front pieces at the shoulders, and then finish the neck. Refer how to finish a neck or how to stitch a collar for more details. After stitching the neck, attach the sleeves and stitch the sides. If you have stitched an A line kameez then the opening at the sides is not necessary, but for a straight cut kameez, stitch an opening at the sides. Refer stitching the sides and sleeves for the method. Then double fold ½”each at the bottom end of the kameez and stitch. Turn the kameez to the reverse ad over lock all the edges to prevent threads from coming out.

Finally stitch buttons or hooks at equal intervals till the very end of the kameez or stop a few inches before the end as shown in the picture. 


You can also stitch a fake opening pattern by leaving out about 5” on top and stitching the two pieces together in such a way that from outside it would look like a normal front opening kameez pattern. But this is slightly tricky and you have to be careful to give a neat finish to the kameez. 


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