One of the most common problems that most beginners in cooking face is “making round rotis”. Whatever we eat goes directly into the stomach, no matter whether it is round, square or shapeless. Then why is it that we give so much importance to make perfect round rotis?

I guess, the main reason why we have this perception is that we always wish everything around us to be perfect. The dining table looks more appealing when plates, bowls and cutlery are neatly and properly arranged. Same goes with the food - a delicious looking dish makes us feel more eager to eat than a plain looking dish.

Hence the same way, importance is given to making round rotis. Further Perfect round rotis implies certain things

  • That you are an expert in making rotis
  • You like perfection
  • Moreover your plate looks nice and appealing

The easiest way to making a roti round is to use a lid and press on your shapeless roti. You will get round rotis in seconds. Another hard but useful way is Practice! Practice! And Practice! You will surely get a round roti someday.


For all those who could not make a round roti, please don’t worry. Just keep making rotis as you always do. Your family too will not mind as they will be happy for all the love and effort you put in. With time, you will make a perfect one soon. Your non round rotis will taste as good as the perfect round ones!


  1. Great article :) by the way I have used a plate for this purpose once! haha

  2. Really nice, Amina!
    Nature's favorite shape is "round"
    Yes, either practice or else use the lid like you have demonstrated :)


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