This is my second post on the basics of sewing using a sewing machine. I had discussed how to thread a needle in my earlier post and here in the second part the method of winding a bobbin, putting it into its case and drawing the bobbin thread up is discussed.


 Place the spool on either of the spool pins

  Pass the thread through the top cover thread guide.

 Then through the bobbin winder thread guide

and through the hole in the bobbin, threading from inside to outside.

Put the bobbin over the bobbin winder spindle and push it to the right.

While holding the balance wheel with the left hand, turn the stop motion knob towards you with your right hand.Hold the free end of the thread in your hand and press the foot control. The thread will be spooled over the bobbin. Stop when you think it is sufficient.

Turn the bobbin winder to its original position and cut the thread near the hole. Place the bobbin inside the bobbin case and take out the thread as shown.

Put the bobbin case inside the socket as shown.

For drawing up the bobbin thread, hold the free thread coming from the needle with your left hand and turn the balance wheel towards you to bring the needle with the thread down. Continue to turn the balance wheel. This will pull the needle upwards and the needle thread would form a loop and bring the bobbin thread up.

Now your machine is ready to begin stitching.


  1. Modern machine for sewing. Liked the texture. thank u for the informative share. Keep posting with lots more.

  2. i am so happy to see the sewing basic tutorials, a beginner like me really wants to make clothes but can't because of inadequate knowledge of the basics. thank you

    1. I am glad you liked it.. will post more tutorials on the basics soon...


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