We all know about the wonders a good oil massage gives to our body. It makes our skin supple and we feel energized and refreshed. Babies too require oil massage to keep them fresh and active and regular oil massage also helps in strengthening their bones and muscles.

So when Blogadda came up with the #First Love activity where bloggers would get a chance to try out the new Dabur baby massage oil with Olive and Almond, I just could not let go this opportunity. Dabur has been a trusted brand since generations and their products have always been safe and effective. So I applied to review the product immediately and within a few days I had 3 neatly packed and bubble rapped cartons of Dabur baby massage oil with Olive and Almond in my hands.

The Dabur baby massage oil with Olive and Almonds came in a sealed pet bottle. The seal and plastic covering ensured that the oil did not leak. The stand out point of this oil is that it is paraffin and parabens free, has no artificial colours and is made of natural oils containing Sunflower, Sesame, Olive, Almond and Jojoba. It provides nourishment to baby’s skin and gently moisturizes it making it soft and supple.

My experience of using the oil

I was super excited to use the Dabur baby massage oil with Olive and Almond on my 15 month old daughter. The oil has a nice fragrance and I was able to easily apply it over my baby's body. Massaging with the oil was easy and the oil slowly got absorbed by the skin. My daughter too loved the mild fragrance and enjoyed the whole massage experience. After the massage, I gave her a quick bath and I could feel her skin had become more soft and shiny. She played for sometime with her toys and after breakfast went to sleep for a good two hours. She got up with a smiling face and was active and playful all day. All thanks to a good oil massage using Dabur baby massage oil.

I gifted one bottle each to two of my cousins who have little babies and they were delighted to try out the new Dabur baby massage oil. They promised to send me their babies photos and I am eagerly waiting for their mail. Will update this post with their photos when they are received.


The Dabur baby massage oil is reasonably priced at Rs. 110 for a 100 ml pack.

I am writing about Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the goodness of olive and almond for the #FirstLove activity at

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  1. hey I loved this oil too for my lil one!


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