Our skin is very gentle and needs special attention as it is exposed to dust and pollution on a regular basis. These have an adverse effect on the skin making it dull and oily and result in the formation of pimples and black heads.

All of us have had some experience with skin problems in our life. There are plenty of natural and homemade remedies for skin care which when followed regularly help in making our skin and face clear and radiant.

Some tips to get a glowing, clear and radiant skin

  • Keep your face clean and oil free by washing with water and mild soap.
  • Exercise regularly for at least half an hour.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins in your diet. A healthy diet ensures that the skin remains fresh and healthy.
  • It is better to avoid fried and spicy foods as they dilate the blood vessels and make skin oily and pimple prone.
  • Mix Besan (gram flour) with rose water and apply it over your face and neck. Wait for about 10 minutes and gently rub off with water. This simple method removes the dead skin cells and gives a natural glow to the face.
  • To ward off dark marks left by pimples, mix cucumber juice with a few drops of lemon juice and apply over the affected area. On regular application the dark spots would fade away within a few days.
  • To get rid of dark circles, mix a tsp of tomato juice with a tsp of lemon juice and apply over the dark circles beneath your eyes. Wait for 10 minutes and wash off with water. Repeat this at least twice a day.

A skin cream that has been in use since several years and known to help in curing pimples and making the skin clear and radiant is the VICCO turmeric cream

VICCO turmeric cream has been used since decades and its unique Ayurvedic formulation with the properties of turmeric has been known to give a radiant look to the skin. VICCO has launched a new VICCO Turmeric cream with foam base which promises to be a one step solution to every girl’s skin problem. The Ayurvedic formula with the microbicidal properties of turmeric in the new VICCO turmeric cream with foam base would be beneficial for the prevention and cure of pimples, black heads and oily skin with every wash. It would also be effective in preventing and curing skin infections, rashes and allergies. Such is the healing and soothing properties of this cream that it helps to stop bleeding of small wounds, heals them and treats minor cuts and injuries as well.

To get more insight into the VICCO turmeric cream with foam base you can check out their new video.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful post. I use tomato and potato in skin care. Turmeric is a great healer but I have never used Vicco products yet. Will try


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