Anarkali suits always remain in fashion. They have that unique charm and grandeur which make them a perfect dress to turn to during festivals, marriage and other special occasions. They come in different patterns and styles. In this post I am going to share a few tutorials on stitching different patterns of anarkali dresses.

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Anarkali with pleats at the waist

This is the basic type of anarkali suit with fabric pleated at the waist.

This type of anarkali has the lower part stitched together using layers of fabric of the same or different color.

Anarkali suit with umbrella cutting

This type of anarkali suit has a full flare umbrella cut and hence does not have pleats at the waist.

In this type of anarkali suit, mono colour or multicolour panels are stitched just below the waist.

Anarkali with half flare circular pattern

This pattern of anarkali suit is ideal for people who are on the fatter side as it has half the normal flare of a full umbrella cut Anarkali suit. 

Anarkali suits are always worn with gathering pants/ churidhar. A tutorial on how to stitch a churidhar can be found here.


  1. Thanks for the post. Can you also please share a post on altering anarkali suits? I have an anarkali suit which is very long and large.

    1. Hi Christina, thanks for your comment... Altering Anarkali suits that are very long and large can be time consuming and tricky as you not only have to make the neck smaller, the length shorter and reduce the width along the waist, chest and hip but also make sure that it does not affect the design of the anarkali suit.... You have to remove the stitches along the sides, shoulders and sleeves and start afresh cutting and stitching according to your size... I would suggest you to go ahead with this only if you are confident and only if there is no embroidery as altering the size might take away the look from the dress...
      I hope this helps...
      Will try to post a tutorial on this soon...

  2. Hi "" its not working could you please check it.

    1. Hi... I bought my own domain website few years back. So that page does not exist. You can check this page
      Thank you :)


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