Happy father's day friends. I take this opportunity to share a poem that I have written for my father. He has been a pillar of strength to me and my family and whatever I have achieved today is because of his help, encouragement, support and care. Thank you so much Abbu for always being there for us and for everything that you have done.

A short poem about My Abbu

There are only a few
who are really smart, thoughtful and wise,
And my Abbu
Is definitely one of the chosen few.

Fighting against odds,
He rose to where he is;
Difficulties, pains and hardships,
He tackled with smile on his lips

He is sometimes
Humorous and funny,
But above all
very intelligent and brainy.

His quotes, anecdotes and phrases,
Leave a lasting impression.
Such words of intelligence,
are ample proof of his wisdom.

What can I say
More about him,
For words seem insufficient,
to describe him.

A “no” never comes from him
But silence indicates it.
When asked what his earning are?
He always says half of what it was.

He thinks twice 
Before buying something for him
But for his family
his wallet is always open

Understanding and caring,
Is his character,
I always consider myself lucky,
for being his daughter.

Again and again
I thank God
For his benevolence
Of making me, his child.

The love, adoration
And care
We, his family received
Is very rare

Many have said
But I truly say
Wherever happiness and joy is
It is definitely under his care.


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