We often cook Pasta at home as it is one of my family’s favorite dishes. Be it Macaroni, Penne pasta, Spiral pasta or Chifferi rigati, we like pasta in all forms and flavors and in this post I am sharing about 15 Pasta recipes posted in this blog. Just click on the links to get the recipes, cook them and enjoy.

Handmade pasta made of rice flour and then cooked in a flavorful and spicy minced meat gravy.

Kids' favorite, creamy and cheesy White Sauce Macaroni recipe.

Quick and delicious Vegetable Macaroni made in a pressure cooker.

Vegetable and corn pasta stuffed in a bun

Samosa with a twist... Macaroni filling inside.

Quick and easy chicken macaroni that can be cooked in a pressure cooker.

Creamy and delicious mac n cheese

Spicy and flavourful chicken macaroni

Delicious and cheesy pasta with corn

Tangy tomato pasta with spinach

Cheese and tangy pasta with chicken

Vegetables and pasta layered and baked with white sauce and cheese

Quick and easy pasta recipe with veggies

Flavorful and delicious Veg Spiral pasta

Penne pasta tossed with veggies and chicken

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  1. Thanks a ton... I was searching for this... I always love all ur recipes ... They r simple n easy n delicious..


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