Prawns have a subtle taste and flavour and we have to add mild spices and ingredients to them to keep their original taste intact but overall improving its taste and flavour. Today I am going to share 6 delicious prawn recipes from this blog which are flavouful, easy to cook and delicious. 

Just click on the links to get the recipe. Have a visual treat, Cook and Enjoy with your family and friends.

Prawn masala gravy is a flavourful and delicious gravy that can be served with naan or paratha or as a side dish with rice and sambar. This restaurant style prawn gravy can be easily prepared at home using ingredients available in most Indian kitchens. Do try out this recipe and I am sure everyone at home will love it.

Prawn fry is a mouth watering and delicious recipe that you can prepare for lunch. It tastes best when served with Sambar and white rice.

Prawn masala is a delicious and spicy gravy that can be served with rice or chapathi. Here the prawns are cooked in an onion and tomato base and flavoured with soya sauce, vinegar and ketchup. The wonderful combination of flavours and spices add a fantastic taste to the gravy.

This is a very simple recipe of biryani which is flavourful and delicious. Here Rice and Khurma are cooked separately and I have used a pressure cooker to create dum for the biryani.

Here I have shared an easy and short cut method of making prawn biryani in just 30 minutes in a pressure cooker. The Biryani comes out delicious.

Curd Prawn gravy is a mouth watering and delicious recipe that goes well with Vegetable Fried riceChicken Biryani or with Rice and Sambar. Curd Prawn gravy is easy to prepare and you can feel the flavours even after you have finished eating. This is one recipe that you should surely try when you are preparing a special meal or when you have guests visiting.


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