Hi friends, welcome back to my blog. Recently I made the most amazing and delicious Brownies using Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie mix. I tried this brownie mix as I was short of time. The brownies got whipped in a jiffy and tasted incredibly chocolatey.

(By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I am just sharing the review as I was happy with the cake mix)

The brownie mix came loaded with choco chips which added a nice crunch to the brownies. I followed the instructions given in the packet and the brownies were ready in a span of just 45 minutes from start to finish.

So let's move on to the quick recipe of making Ghirardelli double chocolate brownies.


Ghirardelli Double Chocolate brownie mix(You can buy it by clicking THIS link from Amazon if you are in India.)
1 egg
1/3 cup oil
1/4 cup water

  • Crack open the egg in a bowl, add oil and water and whisk everything well.
  • Add the brownie mix little by little to make a smooth batter
  • Preheat oven at 160 degree C for 10 minutes
  • Grease a square cake tin with butter and line it with butter paper.
  • Pour the brownie batter into the cake tin and gently tap to remove air bubbles.
  • Place the cake pan in the central rack of the oven and bake at 160 degree C for 30 to 35 minutes with only the lower rods On.
  • Once done, take out the brownies and allow it to cool down completely. Cut it into squares and serve.
  • Brownies also taste great with vanilla ice cream.
I could not take the pictures after cutting the brownies as they smelled so good and were gone in no time. 

Will be sharing the video of how I made this brownie very soon on my YouTube channel Amina Creations. So do subscribe if you have not already done.

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